Studio 8 is the first Digital Radio Station ever to be airing from Kuwait 24/7.

Our broadcast will be through SHASHA App. Bringing to listeners and viewers the latest news, topics and music, guided by professionals with a long and full experience in multiple media sectors.


Content & Performance:

Fueled with a team that has more than 15 years of experience in the Media field, we aim for nothing but high quality and standards for our projects and journey.


Day by day the world is shifting digital. We see it happening in marketing & sales campaigns and most importantly in viewership.

People spend most of their days scrolling online and that is where we see an opportunity arising for us to reach audience from all around the region, and world.

This opportunity will allow us not to only choose our audience but to also track our success.


In a fast paced life with constant change, we aim to find ways to fit onto listeners and viewers lives seamlessly.

Without the hassle of tuning into the right frequency, we are now within reach at any time of day to listeners and viewers through our tech savvy partner SHASHA.

We are able to reach the ears of listeners at any time of day with a tap of a screen rather than being limited to a car drive.


Talal Malik

Leading the morning show to new heights, Talal created an original dialogue approach bringing his own personality into the spirit of the show. Not forgetting his history in production that is rich with more than 12 years of work.

Ali Khajah

Started his career in journalism leading his way into becoming a renown anchor with an archive of interviews with many prominent personalities in various fields.

Ali Najm

One of the most prominent anchors in entertainment, Ali combines wit, and deep conversations in his interviews with Aarab stars. As well as creating content that reaches more than 4 Million followers on social media throughout the world.

Rasha Shalhoub

One of our most experienced anchors, Rasha has a career that rolls out to more than 10 years presenting topics that spark conversation, engagement and most importantly picks the brains of our listeners.

Bashar Al Jazzaf

Known for his witty sense of humor, Bashar has a history of productions aimed to both adults and children, With more than 5 years experience in radio where he presented a mix of programs including game shows.

Manar Sanqour

Combining both presenting and preparing segments, Manar has years of experience in the radio businesses working on hit shows like Ngham Al Sabah, Diwaniya and many more.

Shoula Al Qurashi

Leading with more than 15 years of experience in the media field, Shoula has a pivotal and essential role in building the perfect team. Her experience allows her to spot talent and creativity and creating an environment that nourishes this talent.
Being one of the pillars that built Marina FM station, Shoula will guide our talents to our potential and goal.